Where did Little B’s Custom T’s come from?

Well back in the college days of studying day and night for a degree in hospitality in Flagstaff Arizona, Many of my greatest friends where blowing off steam from the grueling classes and long hours of studying, had decided that myself (Brent) and another friend (Ben) were going to be known as Little b and Big B, it stopped the babbling B.B.B. of getting our names right during those college nights out! So from that Day on I, (Brent) was known as Little b from all my college classmates and friends to come.

The real fun started back in 2006, while creating a small skateboard company, I went to have T-shirts printed, not having much of a budget, I decided to go to the local Michaels crafts store and buy a cheap screen printing kit. Not having any equipment or supplies, I resulted to build a small scale printing press and exposure unit out of regular light bulbs, wood and clamps. Low and behold my first print came out perfect, that’s when my passion began for garment embellishment!

I knew I wanted to get more involved in the world of screen printing and garment embellishment!

Little B’s Custom T’s was born!

Before the unfortunate event of my grand father (Ernest Franks) passing he had told me “I don’t have a lot for you grandsons but take what I can give you and start your shirt business.” So I did! He saw the passion I had for what I have learned.

After telling friends and family about what I have been doing, I began ask advice from them about starting a business. The conversation that sticks out the most was during a visit from my father (Bill) and mother-in-law (Evelyn, who has been extremely successful in the promotion and marketing business for many years.)

We were out at Arabian nights dinner show in Orlando Florida and I got rambling about all I have learned printing for the skateboard company. The next thing I knew, Evelyn made a comment that “maybe you should start a t-shirt screen printing business!” This suggestion from her has never left my mind and stated the spark that ignited the fuse to Little B’s Custom T’s creation.

I stared making shirts for small local companies, such as landscape companies, pool services, local restaurants and deli shops. Yes of course, I still did shirts for the skateboard company which was the cause of all the printing madness.

So from homemade equipment and small sales here and there (even a decent order from Wal-Mart distribution center) I have been able purchase professional equipment and evolve my printing style to meet your needs!

As of now, with help and advice from some of the best in the industry, a ton from RYONET screen printing supplies, (who is awesome to work with). I am constantly building on the newest and latest trends of printing that my shop can support.

I will continue to grow and deliver professional prints and garment embellishment techniques as I promise to deliver the highest level of customer service to all my clients’ day in day out!


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